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American Bedding Solutions staff and friends

From Left to Right: Dr. Ed Gray (Association of Christian Thrift Stores), Alma Hills (Charity Shoes), Rick and Chris Taylor (ABS), Rusty Parrish (Thriftstorespecialist.com), Bruce Brown (ABS)

Out for dinner with friends at the AGRM 2014 conference in St. Louis

“Sell More Mattresses For Free!”  –American Bedding Solutions Mission Statement 

In The Beginning-

American Bedding Solutions started as an inspired thought, and grew out of an established business. As a mattress retailer with multiple successful locations, our journey began with a single nonprofit that was having difficulty finding a consistent and dependable source for new bedding.

Bethany Christian Services is based in Grand Rapids near one of our stores. It was their Refugee Resettlement division we first met with. After seeing the good they were doing, and the struggles they were having,we made the commitment to solve the problem in the only way we knew how; we became their supplier. We were able to lower costs, deliver faster and meet their needs more conveniently than they were doing on their own.

That was our first peek behind the non-profit curtain. Then we set out to solve the problem for as many organizations as possible.

We started making phone calls to other local non-profits and had numerous opportunities to visit with them regarding the constant need for quality bedding. We quickly learned of the many struggles they face when trying to meet the demand.

We had identified a chance to help in a meaningful way; work our existing relationships with mattress manufacturers to buy product wholesale, and become the regular supplier to the non-profits who needed our help.

As we continued to think about their situation a question occurred to us. This question has been responsible for the continued growth of ABS as a company.: “Why don’t you sell mattresses and use the profits to offset your purchases and/or your programs?”

Everyone we met with easily recognized the potential for generating revenue for their programs through selling mattresses. They also saw the opportunity meet the needs of the communities they serve and add valuable funding to their existing programs. Standing in their way however, was that the cost for inventory and storage was simply too high for most.

Bingo! We found the solution….

 Jump Ahead To Now-

This simple idea has blessed us with the opportunities to work with over 50 organizations nationwide. That number grows every day and we are grateful to be of service to each and every organization we meet. We are committed to making a difference through our work.

We will use every resource we have in our partnerships to help you make a bigger difference in this world we live in. We look forward to hearing from you!

We Love To Hear From You

We are all working together, so please let us know how we can be of service


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