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Mattress Fundraisers

Why is there a mattress store on every corner? Mattress sales are profitable and high volume because everyone needs something to sleep on. Studies have shown that, on any given day, one in ten people are looking to purchase a new mattress. With a mattress fundraiser, people can now make a difference with a purchase they were already planning.

Non-profit organizations can quickly and easily raise funds through mattress sales, without all the challenges associated with traditional “resale” situations.

American Bedding Solutions provides non-profit organizations lucrative and efficient mattress fundraisers without the challenges, quotas or large cash outlay associated with larger ticket items.

American Bedding also offers most sizes, and price points that are far below what consumers find in the stores they visit.  When a mattress is purchased, the profits from each mattress/mattress set go directly to your organization. American Bedding can show you how effortless it is to raise funds in a new and unique way.

Direct Purchases

American Bedding Solutions makes it easy for non-profit organizations to meet their clients’ needs for quality new bedding, without the high cost or frustration of retail purchases. American Bedding makes mattress purchases affordable, offering quality bedding at prices that are just above wholesale.

Your clients do not have to settle for used mattresses. If supplying bedding is part of your organization’s mission, American Bedding is your partner ensuring you get the most bedding for your budget and the highest quality available.

In addition, we make it simple to order only when you need it with our online ordering system. Typically there is only a 7-10 day window for delivery of anything you need, and often much faster. Now you don’t need to have a large place to store mattresses; they are available when and where you need them.

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