Social is real.

Social is evolving.

Social IS where you should be.

Almost everyone is doing it wrong; that includes you and me. But we can change, if we know where to look. Working with non-Profit organizations is an awesome experience. One of the common statements is “A hand up, not a hand out”. That means the person still needs to Do The Work to get wherever they need to go.

I think we forget that in our businesses. As the Owners/Managers we have to Do The Work too. When it comes to social, we all have the keys to the kingdom. We all have the ability to explode our business via social; if we do the work.

It’s tough to know where to begin, at least it was for me. After the last 12 months of working hard on this I have found one resource that eclipses all others and I want to share it. It’s name is Gary Vaynerchuk. If you haven’t heard of Gary, then you owe it to yourself and to your business to watch this YouTube video. It will cause the paradigm shift you need to really remove the scales from your eyes when it comes to your marketing.

This post is short. The important part is below.

Watch the video.

Do the work.

Take advantage of the massive opportunity we all have right now!

*NOTE* There is some language in this video.

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